Elf on the Shelf!

Squeeeeee, December is nearly upon us! This means that it is time for our magical elf to wend his merry way to the Chickpea household from the North Pole for our very first year of doing Elf on the Shelf! I know that it is frowned on amongst many people in the AP community for … Continue reading

More from me…

So, tomorrow’s December! Already! How did that even happen? I’ve given up apologising for the lengthy gaps between my posts and the empty promises that I won’t leave it so long next time, because the reality is, I probably will. I’m a wife and mother. I work at least two part time jobs (I sometimes … Continue reading

Judgement. Is it ever okay?

I was prompted to write this post after two recent interactions on Facebook. The first, just yesterday, was a debate in which I became embroiled regarding smacking (given that this is essentially a gentle parenting blog it’s probably clear where my opinion lies on that one). The second, and which really triggered the keyboard warrior … Continue reading

Ponderings on ‘FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)’, from ‘Given Breath’

I recently came across this post, shared widely on Facebook: http://givenbreath.com/2013/09/03/fyi-if-youre-a-teenage-girl/ I thought long and hard about writing anything about it, since I have some idea of how it feels to achieve worldwide ‘fame’ (and, indeed, worldwide criticism) overnight. It’s not a nice feeling. Do I want to potentially cause somebody else to feel that … Continue reading

Three Month Silence

I’ve been MIA for three months. Three long months. Almost four, in fact. And yet, that time has passed so quickly. Too quickly. So much has happened, probably too much to share here on my blog. But I can waffle for England, so who knows?! I might just get it all covered! Sooo… May. In … Continue reading